Methods for Making Your Own Videos Easy and Fast “Live & Free in Detroit Michigan”


Chris Wechner will show you three free resources to create your own videos, and he will demonstrate how to use them.  This workshop  includes...

  • Video Recording Methods that are free  - Anyone with access to a computer or a webcam can make a video
  • Simple  Video Recording Methods to use - can implement these methods that same night
  • Q & A- Answer Questions about how to record and what types of things to record for YOUR business

Mr. Wechner is one my main sources for video production. Chris has been marketing on the Internet since 2009, and he started his company The Ultimate Analyst this year.  Chris Wechner has been reading and teaching himself how to create videos and market videos but has learned how to market online from some of Metro Detroit's best.  He is known as a good teacher and enjoys sharing things he learns with other people who want to learn.


Location: East Campus of Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) in the Cooper Room

Address: 5901 Connor, Detroit, MI 48213


Call (248) 939-6232 with questions about the event.




Mark Maupin