The Two Billion Dollar Man Herb Strather to Share His Real Estate Knowledge

Commercial real estate investing seminars come to the Detroit Metro area.

– Detroit, MI - The recession is over so why is Herb Strather so sad? “Herb states that these are the worst and best of times for investing in commercial Real Estate”, says Jason Kelley Director of Strather Academy that is putting on these events.

They are putting on two Free events about investing in commercial real estate were the attendees will have an opportunity to hear Herb Strather talk about his experiences in commercial real estate and also get a chance to participate in Herb’s eight week Cash at Closing Blueprint class, states Kelley. The response to these events has been over whelming, that is why we have to add these two additional dates.

During these events Herb will cover six of the biggest mistakes he sees investors making in regards to commercial real estate investing. Herb will also cover the four concerns that everyone has in conjunction with investing in commercial real estate.

Each attendee will receive a signed copy of Herb’s book “Getting Rich is Easy”, just for attending, states Kelley. “Anyone that knows Herb, knows that he has a big heart and just wants everyone to have a better life”, continues Kelley. The events will take place at the Embassy Suites at 28100 Franklin Road in Southfield, MI. The dates of these events are Thursday November 4th from 7 PM to 9 PM EST and again on Saturday November 6th from 2 PM to 4 PM. Pre-registration is required and can be done by calling 313-444-9691.

Born and raised in the City of Detroit, Herbert J. Strather is the Chairman of Strather and Associates, a real estate development and investment firm located in Detroit. Established by Strather in 1975, Strather & Associates is responsible for more than $2 billion in real estate transactions and is a multi-level conglomerate consisting of real estate acquisitions, investment, development, and property management. In 2008 Strather launched Strather Academy ( where he teaches real estate investment.

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