Section 8 Pros Darrick Scruggs Speaking at Detroit College

Section 8 Pros owner Darrick Scruggs will speak at Wayne County Community College in Detroit to share tips on how to rehab investment property and how to prepare property to pass any inspection, including Section 8


Detroit, MI -- Section 8 Pros owner Darrick Scruggs will be speaking at Wayne County Community College (WCCC) in Detroit on Thursday, February 17, 2011. He will be sharing tips on how to rehab your investment property and how to prepare your property to pass any inspection. Plus, he will discuss how to qualify your home for Section 8 renters.

One of the biggest ways that investors lose money is that they do not manage their repairs properly, and they cost more than they initially planned when they purchased the property. Incorrect repair estimates can eat most or all of the profit margin you planned to make. Scruggs will discuss things that he does to negotiate with contractors. He will make suggestions of things you can do to manage them once they are working for you.

Darrick is the owner of Section 8 Pros, recently moved from Southfield, Michigan and now based in Madison Heights. The company helps investors worldwide plus landlords and tenants in Detroit, Southfield, Farmington Hills, and Oak Park.

Section 8 Pros helps investors remove the stress in owning investment property. They specialize with helping investors who do not have the time, are too far, or just do not want to deal with the hassle of owning a property. These people want for these properties to make money for them, but they do not want the headache that comes with owning it.

For the landlord or investor, Section 8 Pros can find good investment properties, make intelligent repairs, finding a good tenant to live there, and manage the property so that the income is truly passive.

For the tenant, Section 8 Pros matches a renter’s needs to a good property where they can live and be happy.

Topic: Finding Good Regular and Section 8 Tenants for Your Investment Property plus Tips for Renters
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: Wayne County Community College-Eastern Campus (Cooper Room)
Address: 5901 Conner St, Detroit, MI 48213
Cost: $0

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About Darrick Scruggs

Darrick Scruggs graduated with a degree from University of Michigan. He worked for Arbor Drugs after graduating. While he worked there, he talked with the UPS driver who would pick up and drop off packages. The driver told him that he lived in a $750,000 home. Obviously, Darrick was curious how a UPS driver could afford that expensive a home. The driver simply explained that he was a real estate investor who slowly built his fortune. Darrick soon realized that he needed to become a real estate investor.

Darrick has owned several businesses. One he started almost twenty (20) years ago is DHS Financial Services, his tax and business formation service. He also owns My First Michigan Home, Good People Bruised Credit, and Section 8 Pros. When it is not tax season, Section 8 Pros is where he spends most of his time.

Darrick has owned over one hundred (100) residential and commercial properties during the past fifteen-plus (15+) years. He lived through the tough cycles and helped put together seminars to help people learn the real estate industry.

Mostly, Darrick enjoys helping people. He likes to help people through his service, but he also gives to charity, volunteers his time, and advocates small business owners trying to find their way. Once you hear Darrick talk, you will never forget him. Not only is he sharp and insightful, he also has ton of real estate knowledge to pass to anyone who is ready for it.

For more information about Section 8 Pros’ new divisional counterpart Homes for Sale in Farmington Hills MI, visit The group will be able to help you or someone that you know. They help first time buyers, and they help beginning and seasoned investors. Visit their website or give them a call at (248) 796-8616. They help people locally or from anywhere around the entire world.


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