Real Estate Club Resource Center Presents The Art of Winning: Power Prospecting

The focus of this workshop is to show participants how to start their own business and obtain the right customers through power presentation


– Detroit  County community College District’s Entrepreneurial Institute and Resource Center is offering a free presentation on Monday evening, July 9, from 6-9pm. Meetings are open to the public and free to attend.

The keynote speaker will be Jerrick Jefferson, President and entrepreneur. He will address starting a new business and attracting customers. He will also reveal secrets of power presentation. Get more information at

Topics to be discussed include:

Tools and techniques to locate the right people for their sales and services
• Proven techniques to grow a business quickly
• How to overcome objections and get a “yes” each and every time
• Learn and understand closing techniques

This group of aspiring entrepreneurs and local business owners is easy to join. Simply show up and enjoy the meeting. There are no pre-registration requirements and no restrictions. Everyone is welcome, whether a business owner or not.

The meeting will take place at the Wayne County Community College Eastern Campus, Monday night from 6-9pm, located at 5901Conner St; Detroit, 48213. Visit for details on upcoming events.

About the Michigan Entrepreneurial Roundtable:
The Entrepreneurial Roundtable meets each month to discuss challenges and rewards of business ownership and offer solutions to problems in today’s economy. This club is open to the public, free to join and there are no pre-registration forms or requirements. Owning a business is not a requirement; everyone is welcome to attend meetings.


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