Tips for the Beginner Real estate Investor in Detroit Michigan Metro Area

As with anything in life becoming a great real estate investor takes time, patience and practice. It also helps to get a lot of advice from experts whenever you can, and take that advice to heart. Use it wisely and use it often.  The Tips below are based on years of experience, and will help you greatly until you have some of your own.

As with any profession, learn as much as you possibly can about realestate investing before you make your first purchase. Remember that once you buy a property you just can't sell it at a moment's notice, so you better make sure you buy properties that you can hold on to for a while before you turn them around and turn (hopefully) a profit.

Cash flow is extremely important.  You need to have enough cash to cover your basic expenses plus extra for setback, delays and other problems that you will inevitably encounter.

Always start small.  Look, there will be time later to become the big mogul, after you first become an expert.  Right now you're the little guy so take that for what it is and keep the properties smaller and easier to handle.

Look for properties that will always be in demand. Reasonably priced homes on a quiet cul-de-sac that have three or four bedrooms and two baths are your best bet as they are always in demand.

Inspect the home yourself for signs of damage like peeling paint, ceiling cracks, and water damage. Get an independent inspection to be sure, but doing your own inspection and being a bit of an expert is always a good idea. Also, as we talked about earlier, having the extra cash in hand for repairs once the property is yours is a must.

Follow these tips as you go, learn your own and soon you'll be the expert investor you want to be. When you are make sure to share everything you've learned, just as I've shared with you.

About the Michigan Real Estate Investors Club

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