Real Estate Club Meets in Detroit to Discuss Michigan Real Estate Investing During an Economic Downturn

A panel of Real Estate Experts will share solutions to problems and investing techniques for today’s real estate investor


Detroit, MI – Why is now the best time in nearly 80 years to invest in real estate? The National Real Estate Network, LLC, also known as “Michigan’s Best REIA,” meets the 3rd Thursday of each month, with answers to questions like this.

The National Real Estate Network will host a panel of local real estate investing experts, gurus and people who are making money in our market. They will cover topics including buying, rehabbing, staging and reselling homes to retail buyers; earning top dollar on rentals; using the internet to market homes to sell with very low cost and free classified ads and more. Mark Maupin said, “This was the format planned for the September meeting, however, we had a surprise guest, Herb Strather, who spoke to the group in August. Everyone was happy to hear more from Herb Strather.”

The National Real Estate Network, LLC is one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate networks with new members joining every month. Mark said, “The greatest benefit to membership is the opportunity for realtors, people who provide real estate related services and other small business owners to network and learn from each other. As membership increases, so does the greatest resource for knowledge and wisdom, all packed in one room, for everyone to draw from. Success breeds success; when we surround ourselves by successful people, we learn how to be successful.”

The Mega Evening Event takes place the 3rd Thursday of each month, from 6 – 9pm at Wayne County Community College – Eastern Campus, Cooper Room; 5901 Conner; Detroit, MI 48213. Visit to learn more about upcoming events.


Mark Maupin