Mortgage Broker, Explains Obama’s Foreclosure Rescue Program at Workshop in Detroit

David Smith will join a panel of experts to answer questions and explain how Obama’s plan will affect homeowners and realtors


MI – All the news coming out of Washington regarding the real estate market and the mortgage industry is overwhelming for many. Recent reports include Obama’s plan to help millions of homeowners who are facing financial difficulty in making their mortgage payments.

David Smith, mortgage specialist and President of U-Move-On, will join a panel of experts to speak at the National Real Estate Network meeting. David will answer questions about the Obama foreclosure rescue plan and explain how it will affect homeowners and real estate investors.

There are essentially two parts to this new program; the Home Affordable Refinance and the Home Affordable Modification. David will explain how each of these plans works and the requirements to qualify for these programs.

The panel of experts will also include real estate experts who will discuss making money investing in real estate in today’s market and using the internet to promote your real estate business.

The Mega Evening Event will be on Thursday, May 21, 2009; from 6pm to 9pm; at Wayne County Community College; Wayne Campus; 9555 Haggerty Rd; Bellevue, MI 48111. Visit for more information.


Mark Maupin